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This site has been created in order to share set ups in G10 and EM FX. I canvass over 80 pairs, including GOLD and SILVER and will post game-plans. These game-plans will have proper sizing, entries, and stops. I will help the user risk-manage every position. This is a process, a way of extracting FX alpha and building long term returns.

These are NOT FX SIGNALS. Some set-ups will have shorter term horizons, but the purpose is to help users participate in FX markets by CONTROLLING THE DOWNSIDE.

  • Analyzing FX Risk and hedging strategies
  • Uncovering hidden opportunities in FX markets
  • Analyzing correlations with other risk assets


We provide a full spectrum of FX consulting. We can help your firm navigate the intricacies of global markets by breaking down all the barriers FX markets pose and simplifying the complexities of FX markets.

For paid subscribers we offer ideas on how to generate alpha from G10 FX. We canvass over 80 pairs and our signal-generated process will provide actionable, well defined set-ups that allow traders to participate from the FX markets. These set-ups are more than simple signals. We will provide the necessary risk management backdrop, simplifying FX investing.

FX Consulting
Introducing FX as an Asset Class

Need ideas on how to generate alpha from G10 FX?

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