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Oscar G. Salem – with over 25 years in capital markets, Mr. Salem can transfer all that knowledge to your firm. Mr. Salem started his career in 1995 working for Banamex (Banco Nacional de Mexico) as an EM FX trader. From there he moved to HSBC, Wells Fargo and Citibank, holding various roles in FX Capital Markets. In 2015 Mr. Salem opened Cold Spring Asset Management, an FX only strategy that was set up as a Commodity Pool Operator. He helped run that firm for 4 years. All of that experience led him to open BCM Partners, LLC. Mr. Salem studied in the University of Houston in Texas. He was born and raised in Lima, Peru.

Biscuit Capital

Systematize your risk management to know exactly how much capital you have at risk at all times.

This process will provide set-ups where the risk reward is skewed favorably. The process looks for patterns that provide an edge for FX trading.

This is not meant as investment advice. I will simply share patterns and game plans that have good risk reward.

The set ups provided will have detailed game plans. The aim is to minimize the emotional side of FX and focus exclusively on risk management. The key elements will be stop losses, position sizing, and having a mechanism that controls the down-side by only deploying risk capital when there is a proper, viable plan.