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FX Consulting

BCM Partners provides a full spectrum of FX consulting.  We guide you through the intricacies of global markets by breaking down all the barriers FX markets pose and simplifying the complexities of FX markets.

We outline a step-by-step model to build the proper infrastructure to deal with FX.  From simple purchases of currency to more elaborate forecasts, we assist firms managing the risk of long term foreign exchange obligations.  This includes helping your firm navigate global markets and disentangle the intricacies of foreign exchange.

 BCM Partners demystifies FX options and how to benefit and profit from them.  The nuanced FX program works for a two person firm as well as a 20,000 person firm.  We help diversify the war chest of offerings for prospective and current clients.  This is something that international firms could take full benefit from, whether it is upping the current FX situation or starting from scratch with a new FX platform.

Our team is led by talented, knowledgeable members with a combined 35 years of FX experience.  Our associates have worked the FX desks from the largest financial institutions, to the desks at single standing FX hedge funds and everything in between.  BCM has seen all the cycles and how those affect currencies.

FX is the largest market by far; it is an asset class on its own.   We help our clients understand that concept and benefit from it, by combining alpha generation skills and risk management tools.

The global economy is there for participants, and the scope of that market place is huge and could be very beneficial.  We will work with our clients to make sure they are maximizing the opportunities in the global economy and help them negotiate the risks involved.

For any inquiries please email us at info@bcmptr.com