We are LONG TERM BULLISH USD, but we feel we are at a juncture where a CORRECTIVE WAVE to take us LOWER.

We have been analyzing charts and there are a few we like and think are ACTIONABLE.

EURUSD – the DAILY chart displaying some signs. We DRILL DOWN and look at the HOURLY for more clarity.

EURUSD HOURLY – This is VERY actionable. We like this chart and think the SET UP is SOLID. We want to BUY EURUSD closer to 1.1250-60 with a STOP through the LOWS

In addition, we like USDJPY LOWER and SILVER HIGHER.

We want to be cautious of PILING ON too much on a CORRECTIVE wave, but we feel these are very good charts.


We remain vigilant of RISK and more levels.