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Strategy Summary

A process- driven trading philosophy used to generate absolute returns and manage risk effectively across the G20 and deliverable EM foreign exchange markets.

The proliferation of systematic and date-driven strategies has reduced return potential for predicting fundamental outcomes.

Markets now require second-order analysis of other players’ positioning and tactics.

The Biscuit Strategy seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by anticipating not just market outcomes, but market participant behavior.

We feel strongly that this will give market participants with sufficient intensity an environment to find highly convex trade ideas.

What we seek to achieve

  • High Conviction trade ideas which incorporate a data-driven process with robust human experience
  • An interactive, scalable process for risk management
  • Our process will help remove human emotion related to fundamentals and headlines

Facts about taking risk in markets:

  • One must have the humility to accept that flawed analysis is a fact of life
  • The biggest obstacle to this strategy is the failure to recognize and accept that mistakes will be made, that losses are a fact of life and must be accommodated
  • It is not the frequency of these errors, but their significance, which will make the difference between success and failure.