EURJPY – We have a thesis that revolves around the EUR morphing into an instrument that resembles the JPY. Liquidity driven, deep. We will see how this plays out in the weeks, months to come.

GBPUSD – A case for a BULLISH Pound going forward ?

USDCHF – There is undeniable strength and appeal for the CHF. Palpable demand.

EURUSD – Is there a regime change approaching ? We will do work on EURUSD and post separately.

US 10 YEAR RATES – There is a real chance we see NEGATIVE RATES (market driven negative rates), what does that do to the USD ?

GOLD – Is there value here? if so, where do you buy it? are other assets emerging and taking market share away? This is an interesting asset and we will watch GOLD as it will be a strong indication of consumer behavior, more so reserve manager behavior, going forward.