What is the DIFFERENCE between BUCKET A and BUCKET B trades.

Bucket A – Typically these are short-term set-ups. We find these with frequency.

1- We allocate 1 unit of RISK to these SHORTER TERM set-ups

2- They are higher frequency trades, we are happy with 1X – 2X returns.

3- These trades usually have a 1 – 2 day shelf-time on them

Bucket B trades – these are the GAME PLANS, where we make our mark

1- We allocate up to 5 Units of RISK (staggered, we start with 3 units and leave orders, typically). Mostly we DO NOT COST AVERAGE, we add when we are RIGHT

2- Lower frequency trades, typically 5 – 10 per month

3 – We look for 5X returns, these trades take time to develop and are typically when we jump on a TREND (end of WAVE 4, Wave 2 type trades).